Local testing of CDK-defined Step Functions state machine

CDK-defined state machine


State machine definition


1. Using outputs

“DirectBankAccountCreation”: {
workflowStateMachineDefinitionE0E0A7BF”: “{\”StartAt\”:\”Input checks\”,\”States\”:{\”Input checks\”:{\”Type\”:\”Parallel\”,\”Next\”:\”Create User\”,\”Branches\”:[{\”StartAt\”:\”Extract info from ID\”,\”States\”:{\”Extract info from ID\”:{\”Next\”:\”Crosscheck Identity\”,\”Retry\”:...\”User created, account creation initiated\”:{\”Type\”:\”Succeed\”}}}”, “userCreationAPIBankAccountCreationApiEndpoint1A0514D2”: “https://9xko5dgqbf.execute-api.eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/prod/"
jq -r ‘.DirectBankAccountCreation|with_entries(select(.key | startswith(“workflowStateMachineDefinition”))) | to_entries | .[].value’ cdk.out/output.json > cdk.out/state_machine.asl.json

2. Using a 3rd party tool

  • First install the tool: npm install -g cdk-asl-extractor
  • Second, use the CDK CLI and the cdk synth command to synthesise the CloudFormation template. It will generate the template in JSON format in the cdk.out folder (named [stackname].template.json).
  • Finally, run the tool with this template as parameter. In my case:
  • It will generate as many files as there are state machines in the template. Files are named asl-0.json, asl-1.json, …
  • First, it doesn’t require to deploy the stack on AWS. Nothing deployed means faster to do and no cost (actually, a state machine is free when it doesn’t run).
  • Second, we don’t have a useless output (which can be quite big).
  • And finally, you don’t need to fight with jq for hours to find how to extract a key with a random string 🌀🌩 ☠️❗️💥🤯…

Step Functions local

Mocked Service Integrations

Unit Testing dependencies not being mocker
Unit tests should be independent from external factors
  • One or several test cases (TestCases section).
  • Each tests case list the mocked states and the mocked response names.
  • Below, in the MockedResponses section, we have the definitions of each mock: either a Return with the expected payload returned by the mocked service, or a Throw to simulate an error.
  • You can get more details on this file in the doc.
  • The name of the state machine: DirectIntegrationTest (line 3)
  • The name of the test case: HappyPath (line 5)

Starting Step Functions local 🚀

docker run -p 8083:8083 -d --rm --name stepfunctions-local \
--mount type=bind,readonly,source=$(ROOT_DIR)/test/MockConfigFile.json,destination=/home/StepFunctionsLocal/MockConfigFile.json \
-e SFN_MOCK_CONFIG=”/home/StepFunctionsLocal/MockConfigFile.json” \ amazon/aws-stepfunctions-local

Creating the state machine

aws stepfunctions create-state-machine \
--endpoint-url http://localhost:8083 \
# we can also use the asl-0.json file here
--definition file://cdk.out/state_machine.asl.json \
--name “DirectIntegrationTest” \
--role-arn “arn:aws:iam::123456789012:role/DummyRole” \


Unit tests, Unit tests everywhere


Unit tests





Solution Architect @AWS - software craftsman, agile and devops enthusiastic, cloud advocate. Opinions are my own.

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Jérôme Van Der Linden

Jérôme Van Der Linden

Solution Architect @AWS - software craftsman, agile and devops enthusiastic, cloud advocate. Opinions are my own.

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