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  • Kisan Tamang

    Kisan Tamang

    A Software Developer with a passion for Serverless, DevOps & Automation. Writes about Cloud, Programming, DevOps & more. Founded @TowardsAWS (

  • Vince Fulco (It / It's)

    Vince Fulco (It / It's)

    I self-identify as Yoda.

  • andi shima

    andi shima

  • Jardel Morais

    Jardel Morais

    Apaixonado por dados

  • margo cronin

    margo cronin

  • kensh



  • Blaize D'souza

    Blaize D'souza

    technologist | api's | mobile | cloud | bigdata | m2m | internet of things

  • Welkson Renny de Medeiros

    Welkson Renny de Medeiros

    Msc. Software Engineer / IFRN DevOps

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