Anonymize your data using Amazon S3 Object Lambda

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AWS Samples available in SAR
Sample data, containing identifying and confidential information
Sample data, after anonymization and pseudonymization process
"Action": "s3-object-lambda:WriteGetObjectResponse",
"Resource": "*",
"Effect": "Allow",
"Sid": "WriteS3GetObjectResponse"
aws s3control create-access-point --account-id 012345678912 --name anonymized-access --bucket my-bucket-with-cid
aws s3control create-access-point-for-object-lambda --account-id 012345678912 --name anonymize-lambda-accesspoint --configuration file://anonymize-lambda-accesspoint.json
aws s3api get-object --bucket arn:aws:s3-object-lambda:eu-central-1:012345678912:accesspoint/anonymize-lambda-accesspoint --key patients.csv ./anonymized.csv

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